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substr()  String  instance method


Returns the characters of a section of an existing string.


Signature Description
aString.substr(begin[, numChars])Returns the characters of a section of an existing string.


Parameter Description
beginThe starting extraction position of the zero-based character index.
  • Positive values greater than length of string return an empty string.
  • Negative values start extraction from the end of the character index backwards, for the number after negation.
  • Negative values greater than length of string start extraction from 0.
numCharsAn integer specifying the number of characters to extract.
  • Optional and defaults to string length.
  • Negative values or 0 return an empty string.


The code below returns part of a string.

// Create a string variable.
  var anotherSong = 'I like sunshine, I like moonlight';
// Extract part of the string.
alert(anotherSong.substr(2, 4));
// Extract another part of the string.
alert(anotherSong.substr(6, 9));

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