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We start the intermediate section by looking at arrays and the Array object and some of the methods. We continue our look at some of JavasScripts predefined objects by examining the Date object and some of the date and time methods available for use with this object. After this we take a first look at conditional statements with if....else before looking at the loop statements JavaScript offers us. We look at some more maths functions, compact our code by using object literals and functions, before finishing the intermediate section with a look at regular expressions.

Lesson  1: Arrays

Arrays are JavaScript objects we can create to hold collections of related data. In this lesson we learn all about arrays and the methods we can use to manipulate them.

Lesson  2: Dates and Times

Dates are JavaScript objects we can create to hold date and time information. In this lesson we look at some of the ways we can create and use Date objects.

Lesson  3: Conditional Statements

There comes a time within a program, where we need to do something based on something else, for this we use conditional statements. In this lesson we look at the if....else statement for basic condition handling.

Lesson  4: While and Do....While Loops

On occasions we need to iterate over sections of code and JS supplies us with loop structures for this purpose. In this lesson we take our first look at loops with the while and do....while loop statements.

Lesson  5: For Loops

In this lesson we look at the for loop statement which is generally used for repeating some statements a set number of times. for statement is more compact than the while statement and we can apply variables to the loop within the for statement itself.

Lesson  6: More Maths Functions

This lesson follows on from JavaScript Intermediate Tutorials - Lesson 5 - Basic Maths Functions and introduces some maths global functions and variables to the party. We take a look at the parseFloat, parseInt and IsNan global functions and the Nan global property.

Lesson  7: Object Literals

This lesson is about object creation using 'object literals' rather than assignment. This method of object creation is more compact and so less error-prone. This method also gives us a more visual layout for the structure of the object we are creating.

Lesson  8: Functions

Javascript functions are small subprograms which can be called by external code, or recursively by the function itself. This lesson is all about functions, which consist of a function body, can accept parameters and can also return a value to the calling code if required.

Lesson  9: Regular Expressions

In this lesson we look at regular expression creation using the RegExp object or literal format. We also investigate the effect flags have on our pattern matching.

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