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Stop or start animations globally property.


The jQuery.fx.off property disables/enables all animations globally.

  • The default value of jQuery.fx.off is false, which allows all animations to run normally.
  • When this property is set to true, all animation methods will immediately set elements to their final state when called, rather than displaying an effect.

Shorthand version $.fx.off


Example Usage Description
$.fx.off = true;Disable/enable all animations globally.




A JavaScript Boolean object.

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Disable/enable all animations globally.

In the example below when the left button is pressed we toggle hiding and showing the curry image with a slow animation.

When the right button is pressed we turn animations off and on. Tinker with the buttons to see how toggling with the jQuery.fx.off property disables/reenables animations

a picture of curry a picture of curry

  var toggleFx = function() {
    $.fx.off = !$.fx.off;
    alert('Animations turned off: ' + $.fx.off);

  $('#btn3').on('click', function() {

  function animateImg() {

Press the buttons below to action the above code:


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